Why Sponsor a Local Podcast?

Naturally I am talking about the Mahoning Valley Podcast here, but here are some really good reasons to invest a few dollars to get involved whether you are a business, organization, or an individual.

Why Sponsor the Mahoning Valley Podcast?

1. Educated and Affluent Listeners. The average podcast listener is between 18 and 55 with access to time and resources. According to Rain News, Approximately 46-million Americans listen to podcasts at least monthly (17%), and an estimated 27-million listen at least weekly (10%). The weekly number represents a 25% lift over the 2014 snapshot. The podcast audience profile is markedly well-educated and prosperous. Forty-five percent of listeners have a college degree, and 52% are in $100k-plus households. This translates into your messaging being heard by people who actually can spend time and money to patronize your business or organization.

2. Positive Positioning of your message. When you sponsor the Mahoning Valley Podcast you are telling your audience that you care about our Community. The Mahoning Valley Podcast is filling a niche and a thirst for positive news and information about the Mahoning Valley. Although traditional mainstream media outlets do cover some very high profile events and people in the Valley; they have severe limitations when it comes to really reinforcing and showcasing information, news, and opinion that ONLY serves to show the good things that are happening. As most media consumers know, there is a lot of gloom and doom broadcast as news. With the Mahoning Valley Podcast, you become affiliated with the good things that happen. You don’t have to worry about your message being played after a News Story involving shootings or fires or national tragedies. Or having your message broadcast during a crime show or some show that is in some way denigrating traditional values.

3. The Trust Factor. Most consumers know that advertisements on traditional mainstream media are not vetted. If someone has the money, they can buy advertisements. So many enlightened consumers are turning more towards media they can and do trust. Reviews Websites and Social Media Channels are starting to become the trusted sources of information for Consumers and Businesses when they are ready to spend money. The Mahoning Valley Podcast does not accept sponsorships from just anyone. We actually try the services or products of our sponsors and make sure that they live up to our expectations. If you have been contacted by us for sponsorship it is because we already know about your organization. Our listeners know that we trust you and that is an implicit recommendation.

4. Customer Connection. People feel a sense of intimacy and connection with podcasts because it is right in their ears. Videos and Blog Posts (textual communications) do not foster a sense of connection like someone speaking into a microphone. Consider how when you hear a piece of music that you can relate to, or have listened to an audiobook or talk radio show and something that you heard resonated with you. It makes you feel like the speaker or musician is speaking directly to you. This sense of connection and intimacy brings with it a top of mind experience. Your message is easily recalled and brought to mind because it reaches inside you. So people remember what they hear. Your message is stored in their long term memory and people will remember what you have told them as a sponsor.

5. Portability and Longevity of your Messaging. Podcasts and Audio have the advantage of being on demand and portable. Most people are able to easily download a podcast and listen when they want. This means that they are already to hear your message. Because they have taken the time to listen. They are already engaged. Unlike TV or Radio where your message goes out one time and then it is gone, your podcast sponsorship is available forever online. Someone may hear it the day it is published, and other people may hear it a week from now and then even more a month from now and so on. That is not the only way that sponsorship brings people to you. Every transcript is posted on our website and a number of different blogs. We publish our transcripts and your links stay on line forever.

6. Digital Communications Strategy with a Local Partner. We publish the podcast in Boardman Ohio. Not in India or Great Britain or Australia. But right here in the Mahoning Valley. And we don’t just publish a podcast, but we also publicize it and distribute it. We conceived of the concept and set up all the distribution and Social Media Channels. We set up the blogs and accounts where the transcripts are published. And we are local. We are available to partner with you on your Digital Communications Strategies. Podcast Sponsorship with us is a tip of the iceberg when it comes to partnering with us. We don’t employ subcontractors overseas or rely on consultants in other cities or regions. We are committed to using local resources and building this community. And have a local phone number for you to talk to us personally about your challenges and goals. And we know other resources here to make your digital communications strategies succeed. We are here for the long term. Not some toll free number and post office box, but a real person in a real place to help you.

7. Commitment to Excellence. Our podcast and indeed all Digital Communications Strategies are works in process. We are dedicated to provide excellent service and advice. To provide excellent results and excellence in all of our efforts on your behalf. When you sponsor our podcast, you are committing yourself to excellence as well. You are gaining a valuable resource and a professional partner who is unrelenting in his pursuit of excellence. We all have much more to learn, Learning and growing together towards our potential is one of the things that have brought about this project in the first place. The idea that as a community we can all reach our potential together. And demonstrate an excellence for all of the world to see. Together.


Mahoning Valley Podcast Episode 7 Transcript

Listen Here

Welcome to the Mahoning Valley Podcast for 12/20/16. We are going to look at what’s trending on Social Media this week. Not everyone who is interested in the Mahoning Valley wants to use Social Media, so this episode is for you too. I also enjoy adding a little commentary of my own to this effort. Some maybe you agree with, some maybe you don’t. We are also going to hear from a guest as to why podcasting is such a unique content format. I will also throw in a couple of Public Service Announcements for good measure, so stick with us for this episode.

Over on youtube, Saturday Night Live got a big boost with their Skit on Hilary Clinton. If you didn’t catch it, I won’t spoil it for you now, let’s just say that she is portrayed as doing a grassroots effort to stay the hand of the Electoral College from officially electing Mr Trump as our President on December 19th. By the time this hits the interweb, the vote will be cast. According to the National Archive, it won’t be officially counted and announced by Congress until January 6 2017.

Here is a little more about what to expect on Counting Day. The Congress meets in joint session to count the electoral votes. Congress may pass a law to change this date.

The Vice President, as President of the Senate, presides over the count and announces the results of the Electoral College vote. The President of the Senate then declares which persons, if any, have been elected President and Vice President of the United States.

If a State submits conflicting sets of electoral votes to Congress, the two Houses acting concurrently may accept or reject the votes. If they do not concur, the votes of the electors certified by the Governor of the State on the Certificate of Ascertainment would be counted in Congress.

If no Presidential candidate wins 270 or more electoral votes, a majority, the 12th Amendment to the Constitution provides for the House of Representatives to decide the Presidential election. If necessary the House would elect the President by majority vote, choosing from the three candidates who received the greatest number of electoral votes. The vote would be taken by state, with each state having one vote.

If no Vice Presidential candidate wins 270 or more electoral votes, a majority, the 12th Amendment provides for the Senate to elect the Vice President. If necessary, the Senate would elect the Vice President by majority vote, choosing from the two candidates who received the greatest number of electoral votes. The vote would be taken by state, with each Senator having one vote.

If any objections to the Electoral College vote are made, they must be submitted in writing and be signed by at least one member of the House and one Senator. If objections are presented, the House and Senate withdraw to their respective chambers to consider their merits under procedures set out in federal law.

December 19th may well go down in infamy as the day that The United States of America became the Divided States of Donald Trump.

Needless to say, as of this writing, Twitter is also buzzing loudly with noise about the Electoral College. Twitter is a much more outspoken media than most though for those of you who do not follow Twitter Trends. Much more expressive and vitriolic in my opinion. Even Donald Trump himself is known for openly expressing his opinion much to the detriment of his soon to be appointment to govern this fine nation of ours.

Facebook is not so much concerned with the Electoral College today as it is with the assassination of a Russian Diplomat today 12/19/16. According to CNN.com “Mevlut Mert Altintas, an off-duty police officer, was the gunman who assassinated the Russian ambassador to Turkey on Monday, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said in a press conference. The attacker was born in 1994 in the town of Soke in Turkey’s Aydin province, he said. Turkey’s official Anadolu news agency reported that the gunman has been neutralized. But it was not immediately clear whether the attacker was killed or captured by police as of this writing.”

Cnn.com continued “Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was assassinated at an art exhibition in Ankara on Monday, after the gunman shouted, “Do not forget Aleppo!” as he opened fire.

The shooting of Ambassador Andrey Karlov was captured on video. Russia’s foreign ministry described it as a “terror attack.”

If you have been following mainstream media, then you know that the situation in #Aleppo has become ridiculously tragic. People under constant threat of death and destruction as government forces and ideologists fight it out. Personal opinion, if your ideology is causing to you to do harm to anyone, it is probably time to rethink.

And then if you want another reason not to hold your cellphone next to your ear, on youtube and facebook, Ceelo Greene is a trending due to a phone malfunction. I personally started using speakerphone a few years back when there were stories about how Cell Phones could cause brain cancer. Anyway, if you didn’t see the video check the show notes and watch this poor man’s phone blow up in his ear. There are also a few vids showing Mr Greene discussing the idea that it was all a part of a new project of his. With him apologizing for stirring people up.

What do you think, Publicity or Tragedy? Or both?

Make A Wish PSA

It also seems somewhat ironic that on the same day we saw security footage depicting a cell phone blow up on someone’s face, we also have the Samsung Galaxy 8 trending on both twitter and Facebook. I am thinking Samsung may have bought the trend. Not that I can prove this, it is not too hard to buy trends on facebook or twitter. If your pockets are deep enough. If you have a very large budget for 2017 (think at least 5 million dollars per quarter), contact me and we can discuss how you can bring your product or service into a trending position on twitter or facebook. And let me know if you believe it is possible to buy trends on any of the places you may find this transcript or podcast.

What else is trending on youtube this week? Korean Bar-b-Que If you ever wondered if you get what you pay for, check this video. These nice young men decided to check out the difference between barbecue that costs 24.00 and 346.00. Apparently Korean barbecue is pretty popular in modern cuisine these days, cause this video garnered over 3 million 6 hundred thousand views by the time of this writing. To be fair, the Channel that is displaying this video has over 11 million subscribers and apparently has been running these food price comparison videos for some time.

People do love food talk and food videos and food pictures though. I often enjoy checking out my cousin’s culinary adventures on Tumblr. Food and Wine has over 5.3 million followers I am among them of course. They also have nearly 2 Million Likes on Facebook. Food is such a popular subject on Social Media that Twitter itself decided to get into the act and set up their own account. Ironically it only has a little less then 1 million followers.

Here is a story you won’t see reported on the mainstream media this week, (Most likely anyway)

So we will head back to Samsung. There is a movement going on to ask the manufacturer to compensate their employees for diseases caused through the manufacture of Smart Phones. According to Green America “Since 2007, more than 70 Samsung factory workers have died due to work-related diseases and hundreds have fallen ill, according to SHARPS, an occupational health advocacy group in South Korea.

Courts in Korea have sided with one victim, ruling her leukemia was caused by dangerous chemicals she was exposed to at work. Seven years after her death, Samsung finally issued an apology to workers in 2014.

In July 2015, Samsung finally agreed to pay victims $85.8 million in compensation—in line with the recommendations of the Mediation Committee. However, so far, Samsung has ignored the core recommendation of this committee: to fund an independent non-profit foundation that will determine how to fairly distribute compensation to workers for their diseases and how to develop an effective strategy for assessing and incorporating safer chemicals into production, in order to prevent future diseases.”

The Associated Press is also reporting on this story here.

One last trending topic According to Cnn.com again, A truck rammed into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin on Monday night, killing nine and injuring at least 50. Officials are investigating the crash as an act of terrorism, according to a German intelligence official familiar with the matter.

Authorities have apprehended the suspected driver, according to a police spokesman.

The crash occurred in Breitscheidplatz in the western part of central Berlin. Another person who was in the truck died on scene, Berlin police tweeted. “A truck just ran over a sidewalk at #Breitscheidplatz Our colleague report multiple injuries. more to follow,” Berlin police tweeted.

The “accident” is being investigated as an act of terror.

So now for some of my opinion. The mainstream media is conspiring with the criminals who commit these crimes whether they are attributed to ideology or simple human criminality. It is not a conscious choice on the part of the media. Yet, many times some one commits a criminal act regardless whether a motive is known or not, rather then simply identify the act as criminal, it is sensationalized as an act of terror. EVERY criminal act is an act of terror to the victim. Does this mean that we are to differentiate between terroristic motives and other motives?

How is it a conspiracy? Well by identifying the alleged perpetrators. If Al Qeada or ISIS or ISIL whatever they want to call themselves claim responsibility for some criminal act, they get exactly what they want from the mainstream media. Publicity and the furtherance of their goals to inspire terror. Why would a responsible journalistic organization give credence to a claim that so and so committed a criminal act without proof? In fact, in America; any allegations of criminality must be proven in a court of law before it is considered to be fact.

So what can our mainstream media outlets do? That is the usual question. Well, what do you expect them to do? I expect any reporter or journalist to stick with verifiable facts. I expect that using sensational terms such as “act of terror” or “terrorism” be reduced to the much more accurate terms “criminal act” or “criminality” And that no attribution be made to any group or individual unless it has been proven in a court of law. Why? You may ask. This means that no matter what any criminals do, they never get credit for it. They get no play on the media. They are simply identified as criminals without any name or ideology. And when their free publicity dies out, they will have to find some other way to terrorize people.

St Jude PSA

We are going to listen some to award winning Podcast Host, Producer, and Consultant Daniel Lewis discuss why podcasting is a unique and perfect media for reaching your audience and gaining the trust of your subscribers and audience. So we have some excerpts from Audacity to Podcast along with my personal commentary. If you enjoy the excerpts, feel free to subscribe on the show notes. You can also contact me if you are ready to develop your own podcast.

Why is podcasting a unique and perfect media for reaching an audience, gaining trust and establishing a unique voice in the cacophony of voices on the internet?

A quick summary of 8 points that make podcasting more intimate and unique than writing, video even TV and Radio.

  1. Authentic Voice
  2. Speaking to individuals
  3. Building Relationships
  4. Publishing Consistently
  5. Taking Content Everywhere
  6. Engaging with Real People
  7. Connecting Through Social Media
  8. Focusing on the Niches

I am going to just briefly go over a few of these points as I have already listened to the entire episode. First off an Authentic Voice. If you are on Social Media, you know that there are hundreds if not thousands of individuals and companies vying for your attention. Many of them may seem to sound exactly alike. Having the same messaging. Save Money. Save Time. Try this new thing or that. Did you know that there were over 30 Billion Podcast Downloads in 2015 according to the Pew Research Center? Or that there were estimated over 200 million pieces of new content produced every minute on Social Media?

So where is your content in that incredible multitude of pieces being produced and shared every minute of every day? Is your voice being heard? Or are you sounding just like everyone else? Your podcast will represent your unique point of view that people can appreciate for it’s authenticity.

And what about speaking to individuals? When you podcast, you are likely (if you are doing it well) speaking to your microphone. Or interviewing someone. And that as if it were your best friend or someone you love and care about. Why does this happen in most cases? It is natural to be much more considerate, genuine and careful when you know that you are being recorded. This comes across in your podcast and helps you to build relationships with your listeners.

And that is the third point. Podcasts help you to build relationships. Just like Social Media does if you use it properly. Building relationships is what all this Internet Stuff is all about. Although there are many different uses for the internet such as research, information gathering and disemmination, and personal and professional expression; at the heart of it all and at the beginning it was all about relating to each other.

So let’s talk about how podcasts can be taken anywhere. It maybe that you are listening today on your computer. But possibly you are listening on your phone or tablet. Whats the point? If you are an experienced podcast listener you know that you can download your podcasts and listen to them anytime and anywhere you have your phone. Or Ipod. Think about that. When you are making podcasts, your audience can listen to you anywhere. Anytime. On their schedule. No other media allows you to do this for your audience with the exception of music.

There are many creative ways of using this unique media. And I have thought through them. Not to brag, but if you have something to say either to customers or clients or prospects; we can figure it out together. And make it work. And make it worth your while. You only need contact me at mahoingvalleypodcast.com or on Facebook or Twitter. And we will figure it out. Just as an added incentive for doing so, I will respond to your inquiry with actionable ideas and if you want to work on them with me, we can do so. If you want to implement them yourself; so be it.


Mahoning Valley Podcast Episode 6 Transcript

Get it from the Archive

Welcome to the Mahoning Valley Podcast. We are doing a show today in keeping with the winter holiday season that looks at ways we can practice unity in the Mahoning Valley in order to create a better place for all of our residents. Then we will talk briefly about winter survival because sometimes it is just good to get a reminder of how to take care of ourselves and our families during the arctic months. Then we will look at a few events going on this weekend if you are going to be looking for something to do.

Unity is defined as a state of oneness. It can also be defined as a whole or totality as combining all its parts into one. Or even oneness of mind, feeling, etc., as among a number of persons; concord, harmony, or agreement. Why is this important here in the Mahoning Valley or anywhere people live in a community?

It seems to be common sense, but recognizing that we are all a part of a whole, with our own roles to play sometimes eludes us while we make our way through our daily lives. It is easy to say to oneself, “its not my problem.” Or “I am glad thats not me”. I have said both of these things at times. But I was wrong. As a part of the human family, it was me and it is my problem too. That is one of the ways we can live together in harmony. Empathy. Recognizing that when it affects one person, it affects all of us.

Let’s take a few minutes to listen to Scott Catamas talk a little about oneness. Of course the show notes do link to the Mr. Catamas archives and shows on http://unity.fm if you want to hear more.

So it is about being conscious of our tendency to judge each other. We want to understand each other but it is our natural tendency to seek this understanding through judging each other. And that is when we need to practice mindfulness.

I know it is not always easy, but personally I have found this to be one of the most useful mental disciplines. Just staying in the moment. For most of my life, I have been distracted by my fears of the future or my regrets in the past. As we all know, we cannot change the past. And for the most part, we cannot predict what the future holds. Many people would say that the future is what we make it today. Our decisions today make our tomorrows. Or even that there is no such thing as tomorrow. It is a abstract concept we use to assure ourselves that there will be another time to do something or say something.

Evidence exists all the time to the contrary. Just look at the Obituaries. This moment is the only tangible one. Where we can choose to accept ourselves and others as is. And seek to empathize. Look for commonality. And find ways to work together to build a future that embraces the potential of every one of us.

Let’s look at how we can apply this to our community in the Mahoning Valley or wherever you may live. Wherever you are listening to this, the world is competing for your attention. And so is your own body. So choose to act as if we are all one. Here is a practical way you can do that. And after this message, hopefully you will start seeing other opportunities to share your talents, skills and abilities with your neighbors and friends and even people you don’t know today.

St Jude Hospital PSA

Winter Survival. I know most of us have heard about it from our mainstream media outlets. Although I also know that some of us have grown tired of listening to the media. It seems like the same news all the time. So and so got shot, or was killed in a car accident or has some gripe with how our fine government or community is governed.

It’s not the fault of the mainstream. They have economics to consider. It cost money to produce news shows and transmit them. And when the ratings come in, they need to sell advertising to keep the news coming. What many people listen to and watch involve the tragedies of our existence on the Earth. And that is how the mainstream media pays the bills.

Let’s look at some basic tips real quick just as reminder. As most of you are experiencing with me here in the Mahoning Valley, it looks like winter is here again.

If you are in your car listening today, remember to slow down and pay attention. Give yourself some extra time, and if you are running late. Let it go and slow down. It is ok to be late and its better then being dead. And if you havent done so already get your survival kit in there. You know the basics Blankets, Water bottles, Food, flashlight, something to break out a window in a worst case scenario. What else goes in a car winter survival kit? Here is a fine list from Amazon (affiliate link) And a pdf to download and take to the store with you.

Also on the list is a shovel, any medications you may need, a tow chain and flares or emergency flashers separate from the ones on your car. Please do not drink or text while driving.

What about if you are hunkering down in the house like I do when it is this cold? If you are using space heaters to supplement your house heat, make sure that they are clear from all obstructions and in the middle of the room. Also, let the winter chores keep you active. I love to stay in bed all day and snuggle into my microfiber blankies, but there is still stuff to do around the house and property. Stay active. Get a humidifier and use your moisturizers. And if you want to avoid the winter blues, get yourself a Vitamin D supplement with the advice of your physician of course.

If you are going to go outdoors, layer them clothes and make sure you have all your body parts covered up. Don’t plan winter activities outdoors when it is so cold the schools close. Our school administrators dont give them youngins snow days so they can go outside and get frostbite. And they don’t give them snowdays so you can be outside all days with them and get it yourself.

And make sure you have a Storm Preparation Kit assembled in your home too. Although it has been some time since we have had a huge snowstorm, it is a possibility.

Know the lay of the land so if you have to evacuate, you can plan accordingly. Have your emergency supplies up to date and don’t tell yourself, I did this last year so I am good to go. It is important to rotate all the food stores in your home, canned goods and frozen. Please don’t plan on using candles to light your way, have flashlights and batteries.

We can all survive winter together with a little preparation and awareness.


You looking for something to do this weekend? Here are a few of my picks for enjoying our beuatiful valley. As many of you who know me are aware, Mill Creek Park is one of my favorite places in this region. So why not roll out to the Park this weekend? Just remember to bundle up.

Winter Celebration: One Man’s Dream – Celebrating 125 Years of Mill Creek Park

Get more information at the link on the show notes at mahoningvalleypodcast.com Here is the rundown:

Take a trip back through the last 125 years as you rediscover Mill Creek Park. Stroll along inside the Davis Center to see your favorite iconic park structures – Lanterman’s Mill and the Silver Suspension Bridge, annual holiday tree walk, a student-led Chihuly inspired display, and seasonal blooms. During the first three weekends (Saturday & Sunday), we are open until 8pm for you to experience the Electric Garden, where the grounds will be lit with thousands of twinkling lights. Remember to stop in the Shop in the Gardens to find that perfect gift and savor refreshments available for purchase in Kravitz’s Garden Café.

December 3-31, Tuesdays-Sundays, 10:00am-5:00pm

Extended hours – Saturdays & Sundays, December 3-4, 10-11, & 17-18, 10:00am-8:00pm

(closed Mondays and Christmas Day)

Friday night 12-16-16 at 8PM

If you have never visited a planetarium or haven’t been in a while, this is a must do. You can be reminded of the vastness of the universe while being entertained with incredible visual effects and music. And it is inside. And Family Friendly. Where is it you ask?

YSU – Ward Beecher Planetarium

2001 Ward Beecher Hall

Youngstown, OH


Holiday Lights: 8 to 9 p.m. Dec. 11, 12, 18 and 19, Ward Beecher Planetarium, Youngstown State University, One University Plaza, Youngstown. The planetarium’s annual holiday program combines lights, music and visual effects with the wonders of the winter season and outer space.

Saturday 12-17-16

Holiday music by The Elegant String Quartet at the Boardman Park

St. James Meeting House

December 17, 2016


Free Concert

During the hustle and bustle of the Holidays take an evening to relax and come and listen to some of your favorite Holiday music performed by The Elegant String Quartet. Listen to the sounds of warmth and tradition while being surrounded in a beautiful atmosphere decorated with homemade ornaments made by the Holborn Herb Growers Guild.

And then after that, how about seeing a whole bunch of very fit and attractive people in skimpy outfits beating the heck out of each other?

What could be better?

Head on over the Covelli Centre for the WWE’s return to Youngstown just in time for the Holidays! Featuring Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, Rusev, New Day, Enzo & Big Cass, Sasha Banks, and many more!

All that entertainment for as little as $15.00 a seat. And enough loud music and muscles to last the rest of your year.

Sunday 12-18-16

Do you need some last minute gifts for the holiday? Then Sunday head on over to the Last Minute Market at the B&O Station Banquet Hall Sunday, December 18th 11-6pm. A great place to pick up some last minute, handmade gifts from your local artists. Art, food and beer….what more could you need for an excellent Sunday afternoon! Don’t miss it, support your local artists this holiday season.

Then you can head down to Austintown for

The Great Christmas Quest, a Sunday dinner theater, by the Stage Door, Mahoning Valleys premier performing arts academy, at the California Palms Hotel. The Great Christmas Quest is an interactive comedy show where the audience participates in the filming of an infomercial. Audience participation with scavenger hunt for clues. Show and Dinner only $34. Room specials also available. Call the Palms at 330-935-2663 for reservations.

The Great Christmas Quest: Joe, the main character, revolutionized science with his latest invention: Invisospray. He is thrilled to be filming an infomercial for his ground-breaking product, but a rival inventor is not so happy. He steals the Invisospray and escapes the infomercial set. It’s up to a fast-talking pitch woman to locate the thief, and she just might need some help. With lots of audience participation, the play features an optional Clue Quest in which the audience helps to solve the mystery and catch the crook.

So thats a wrap for this episode of the Mahoning Valley Podcast And because it is Christmas here in the Valley I just wanted to remind you that it is better to give than to receive.

Toys for Tots PSA