Episode 18. An interview with Jody Daniels of ReelPhat Media

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Jody Daniels of Reelphat Media in Youngstown Interview.

We spoke with Jody Daniels of Reelphat Media about getting started in the music business. His current projects and living and working in the Valley. He gave a great interview here on the Mahoning Valley Podcast.

Lets listen to some of Jody’s first project with the Sacred Voices. Make sure to get over to Facebook and give em a like. And check out their Youtube channel here.

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Checkin on U– Youtube Video


You should also visit Reel Phat’s Website for an entire list of the songs on the Legacy Project.

Let’s listen to a part of the Sanguine Sonata by Jody Daniels off his latest published project called “Seven”

Sanguine Sonata on Amazon

Sanguine Sonata on Google Play

Sanguine Sonata on Itunes