Mahoning Valley Podcast Shorts Episode 1

Mahoning Valley Podcast Shorts Episode 1

Keeping your news years resolution. Happy New Year my friends. Its wonderful that we have a new year and a new day to start new. Did I say the word new enough in that sentence? Yes.

Here we are. Most of us have made resolutions as is the custom. I did. I have resolved to stay hydrated this year. To make sure that my inner workings and my skin always have enough moisture and I am perfectly hydrated all year long.

I do not know how this will play out, but I already had the reusable water bottles to make sure that while I am making my way around our beautiful valley, I always have access to fresh water. And if you have ever been here to the spacious home office of the Mahoning Valley Podcast, then you know that I have moisturizers sufficient to take care of an elephant.

So I picked an easy one. And that is one of the ways to make sure that we keep our resolutions this year. First thing, make sure that it is attainable and realistic. I hope that some of you who made resolutions have been realistic. And that you have resolved to do something attainable.

According to There are some other things we can do to make sure that we keep our resolutions this year.

1. Use your willpower like it is a muscle. Think in terms of willpower in terms not of it being some tremendousness act of the will, but as if it were your leg muscle or your heart muscle. Or your brain muscle. The more you exercise it the stronger it gets. It is an act of the will to do this, but that is a mere choice to make like so many others we each face every day. So exercise your will like you most likely exercise your body.

2. Do not stack your resolutions. Make one and leave it at that. Don’t try to resolve to change everything you dont like about yourself or your live at one time. Pick one and make that the only one. Be monogamous in your goal setting for keeping your resolution.

3. Break that resolution down into small steps. Don’t overwhelm yourself with something that may be attainable but will take some steps between here and there. And then set your will to take the first step and then the next. This will reinforce in you the idea that you can keep your resolution. For instance in my case, it is much easier for me to say to myself, I will dfrink this glass of water now, rather then I will drink 8 glasses of water today.

4. Write it down or better yet; write it down and record it and play it back for yourself. Or if you really want to do something that will give you some incentive, invest in having it recorded for you so you can put it in your playlist on your phone or computer and make sure it plays for you everytime you start to listen to some music or want to listen to an audiobook or even a podcast. Why will this help a lot? Because you will have invested in the goal being attained. Not only that you will be doing something good by supporting the creation and distribution of this podcast. But you will help us to conintue to spread the good news of all the good things that are happening all the time here in the Mahoning Valley. So it is a win win. We record and send you a copy of your own resolution for you to keep and replay anytime you want. And we get some revenue to keep producing this podcast and spreading and multiplying the good thing about living here.

5. Get your friends or family or even strangers to hold you accountable. The power of community when it comes to moving forward can be incredibly motivating. So let us include your resolution in our next podcast and that way people can hold you accountable. And yes this is a way of letting you know that we want to not only record your resolution for you and send you the file, we want to share it with your friends and neighbors here in the Mahoning Valley so they can help you keep it. So when your order your resolution recording make sure and let us know if we can use your name and let our audience know that you have made the resolution. You can specify just your first name or your first and last name. Or we can just send you the file privately so you can download and listen to it without anyone else knowing.

Let’s keep our resolutions together and work together to keep the good news about all the good things that are going on in the Valley going out onto the interwebs for anyone anywhere to find out about.

Its easy. Just click this link to head on over to our website. Make your payment and include in the order notes:

What your resolution is.

If we can publish it.

What email we can send it to you on with the instructions on how to download it.

We will get it back to you ASAP.

You will also have the opportunity to sponsor the podcast for the coming year and get a mention every time we publish an episode.

Let’s do it together. Cause that is the best way.

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