Mama’s Boys and Daddy’s Girls

If this is you, I will try to be civil. But please grow up. Stop treating your “boyfriend” like he is supposed treat you like a princess. You know why I ask?

Cause he is afraid to ask you himself. Because likely you act like some crazed emotional terrorist. Likely every time he says something or does something that is not daddy like, you go off on some psychotic rant about how he just doesn’t understand and he doesn’t care. You stomp your feet and snarl like some kind of feral animal and start to throw stuff at him. Or worse yet, you go an sulk in the corner somewhere and manipulate him into trying to somehow placate your selfish ideas of how you should be treated.

Daddy’s girls have no sense of themselves. That is why if you are in a relationship with one of these types; dude you got to get clear and now. Or you need to read this right now. Ain’t no way you are ever going to add up to how daddy treated or treats her. And even if you could, you aint going to be ever having no life of your own. Cause she be thinking she belongs at the center of your world.

Maybe she belongs in your world, buit if you make the mistake of making her the center of it; you are putting yourself in the position of being terrified she is going to find herself a better daddy tomorrow if you don’t live up to her unrealistic expectations. That aint no way to live, man.

So here is the bottom line. If you want to be a daddy’s girl, fine; but stop trying to act like you are emotionally mature enough to have a man. You aint. So let that man go. Stop torturing him and trying to make him feel like he has to live up to your expectations. Please grow up or let that man go

So mama’s boy, its your turn. Please grow up. Stop treating your woman like her only purpose in life is to wipe your nose and clean up after you. You know why I ask?

Same as above, because she is probably afraid to ask you herself. Because likely anytime she asks you to do some dishes or help out around the house or with the childrens, you act like it is such a huge imposition, that she is afraid you will go out with the boys again for a few beers and come home and start whooping her or just puke in the bathtub and expect her to clean it up in the morning.

According to Wikipedia, your attachment to your mother could mean that you need some counseling duder. Check this:

“A mother’s boy may be effete or effeminate, or might be perceived as being macho, or might have a personality disorder, such as avoidant personality disorder, or might be schizophrenic, so that the mother acts as a caretaker.”

It could also simply mean that you are not ready to be monogamous. So stop leading her on and making her think you are going to settle down eventually. At least be honest with yourself about how much you love your mommy.

If you are dating a mama’s boy, lady you got either admit it and get gone quick; or start accepting it for what it is. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are going to change him or he is going to grow out of it or you may be finding yourself on the floor wiping the blood of your mouth the next time you have a conflict about how to raise the children or take care of the house.

And really this is why I tend to discriminate against these kinds of behaviors. Because we were not put on this earth to try to replace the emotional support that most of us have had when we were growing up. We grow up so we can provide each other with that sort of support. You know all that “give to get” stuff.

So check yourself. If you are in a relationship to try to replace one of your parent’s place in your life; you probably need to get free for a while and find your self. You are better off going back to daddy or mommy until you are ready to fly on your own. Than try to fly too soon and take your mate down with you.

Image Courtesy of Jar of Quotes