Why Mahoning Valley Podcasting?

Anyone can listen to a podcast. Anyone, anywhere. Just because a podcast is produced here in the Mahoning Valley, that does not mean that it cannot be heard in England, or China, or Australia. The internet makes it possible for anyone anywhere to hear about the Mahoning Valley and all the good things that people and organizations are doing here.

So if someone has the opportunity to invest in our community, they can find some good news about us. If someone is considering moving here or moving back here, they can discover or rediscover why the Mahoning Vally in NE Ohio is one of the most wonderful communities anywhere. We have generous and hard working people who care about each other here. We, at least many of us still adhere to the good old fashioned values of God, Family, Hard Work and Loving our Neighbor.


Doesn’t every region need people who want to lift it up and show all the good things about it? I think so. Every place needs cheerleaders and evangelists who are willing to talk about all the good things. People who live here and work here. People who are not beholden to financial gain; but who simply love their community and want to help it reach its potential.

Why Podcasting? Podcasting or Audio On Demand is unique among the media choices in that it provides the opportunity to let people listen on their schedule, where they want and when. People can listen to a podcast in their car without being distracted. People can listen at 4 AM or at 11 PM and use headphones to listen to podcasts.

People can listen to a podcast in the Gym, in their office, in the bathroom. Anywhere and Anytime. Once an episode is downoaded to an Ipod or phone, it is available to be listened to again and again if someone desires to do so. It can be shared via email or Social Media. Podcasting is a flexible and durable media form that does not require that it be viewed or read. Just heard.


Who am I? My name is Dwight L Stickler. I am a independent consultant, writer, and student of life. I have been around this area for 14 years now. I grew up in Pittsburgh, but have always loved this area. I used to visit regularly with my family because I have Aunts and Uncles and Cousins here in the Mahoning Valley. This has always been one of my favorite places. I have lived in Kentucky, Florida, Texas, and Illinois with my family, but this is still one of my favorite places.

I started using the internet to communicate back when I had a Prodigy account connected with a 2400 Baud modem to an actual IBM PS2. I have studied basic mainframe programming and have a BA in Communications Arts from Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida. I manage Social Media Accounts in just about every Social Network and still join new ones. I beta test software for new companies and have a deep understanding of the processes and systems that are used to communicate on the internet.

I have taken it upon myself to become the voice of the Mahoning Valley on the Internet. If you wonder how I have done this, we can talk about what it takes. But for now, if you are wondering if I am actually speaking for this Valley; then go to your favorite Search Engine and type in the Search Term, “Mahoning Valley Podcast . Most likely you are going to find a link to one of my podcast episode transcripts on the first page of the results. That makes me the Voice of this Valley. And I invite you to participate in this Project. Get involved by sending me story ideas. Get involved by becoming a sponsor. Get involved by sending me information about your and your goals and dreams.

I want to hear from you about how we can put our best foot forward on the internet.