Spread Good News about All the Good Things that are Happening in the Mahoning Valley.

Good things are always happening in the Mahoning Valley of North Eastern Ohio. And I found a place where you can help to spread that Good News! Sponsor the Mahoning Valley Podcast.

You will not only receive a mention into the ears of affluent and tech savvy listeners who listen to the podcast; but you will also get Search Engine Optimized Links back to your website from various places that all have an excellent reputation with the Search Engines.

This is not some spammy backlink strategy but a White Hat SEO tactic that will bring your website traffic and Search Engine Juice. Your organization or personal brand gets mentions on twitter, facebook, pinterest, google + and for course here on WordPress.

Sponsorship includes keyword research and website analysis. Or Social Media Strategy Consulting. When you place your trust in Mahoning Valley Podcast; you get a highly experienced and ethical professional who will “keep it real” with you.

So get in touch with me today while you are thinking about it. Just open your email client and email me.   Save some time and list all of your website or social media accounts and I will get back to you with a proposal for you to start spreading the good here in the Mahoning Valley.

If the link above does not work for you then visit http://mahoningvalleypodcast.com/contact



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