Todays Target Halloween

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It’s harmless fun. It’s just a time for people to get silly and enjoy costumer play (cosplay). Why would anyone discriminate against Halloween or any other “holiday”? Because of its origins to begin with. Where did Halloween start? With a bunch of naked pagans running around trying to appease some fairies. So it has its origins in paganism, long considered to be a slur for people who can’t figure out who God is.

From the Wikipedia==The term pagan is not attested in the English language until the 17th century.  In addition to infidel and heretic, it was used as one of several pejorative Christian counterparts to gentile (גוי / נכרי) as used in Judaism, and to kafir (كافر, ‘unbeliever’) and mushrik (مشرك, ‘idolater’) as in Islam.

So basically, we are looking at a holiday that not only denies God, but also concerns itself with appeasing the dead. Another stupid thing to do in my opinion. Dead people are dead. They have no part in the land of the living. Talking to dead people or praying to dead people is a huge waste of time. Ain’t no dead person gonna be able to do a dang thing for you if you are in trouble.

So Halloween seeks to please idols and gain favor from the dead. Both darn good reasons for me to discriminate against it.  But I am not done yet. Beyond these reasons, there is the notion of how the satanic or demonic is showcased so outwardly. Guess what?  This writer is not a fan of the devil. As far as I am concerned, the devil is a liar with no agenda other than to kill, steal, and destroy.

That makes him/her/it someone who I would willingly punch in the throat if possible. Ever look around and said to yourself, “why does all this sadness and grief exist”? Well in my opinion, you got two culprits. First the devil who deceives people into doing evil. And then the sinners who do it.

Now before you start thinking that I am a self-righteous dilbert with access to the internet and a computer, let me admit that I am a sinner too. I have sinned and will likely sin again. Sinning is the human way. If you ain’t got Jesus, then you aint got no hope. But the fact is, I am not running around looking for ways to sin. It is not on my list today.

So Halloween is a crappy holiday in my opinion that is basically just an excuse for adults to run around in masks and grab each other’s asses. And gives children an excuse to eat entirely way too much sugar. So go ahead and celebrate it if you want. But remember that while you are making excuses for dressing  like a slut or eating too many hershey’s  minis; you are also teaching your children that it is OK to deny God and celebrate the macabre. And you are contributing to the obesity epidemic that is continuing to afflict the Western world.

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