Todays Target Criminals

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Criminals are on my list today. Why would I discriminate against criminal activity? Because it discriminates against me and mine. Because criminals of all sorts are out there preying on people like you and me who are just trying to get through and find some peace. But modern American society glamorizes these piece of crap gangstas. People who sell your children drugs and rob your homes. People who would just as soon kill you as look at you if you get in their way.

So we get alleged criminals like Donald Trump running for president and a whole bunch of lost souls supporting him. We get alleged criminals like Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre teaching generations of children that it is good or even beneficial to flaunt the law to get ahead. We get tons of modern entertainment options in the movies and tv that glamorizes crime and make it seem as if it is somehow ok to break the law to survive.

Sure a lot of these entertainment options usually have some morality component, like it is ok to become a criminal if you or yours have been wronged somehow, but that doesn’t change the fact that vigilantism is illegal. It is illegal to take the law into your own hands. For any reason. But criminals and the criminally minded make it seem like it is OK. So then, we get white collar criminals who somehow justify to themselves that it is ok to take people’s money for themselves to take care of their families or somehow pay back an unjust society.

And the most appalling of criminals, the so called terrorists. The religious fanatics who can somehow justify the terrorizing of people just cause they hold a different belief system. The lunatics who believe that the only way to change society is to destroy it. These criminals come with various self rationalizations, but the end result is all the same.

Today then all you criminals be put on notice, that just cause people emulate you and you get paid well in  all cases, there is also justice. You will pay it all back. You will end up in jail. You will end up dead. Universal Jurisdiction is a real thing and you are courting yourselves to a sorrowful end. My advice, if you are not interested in having the universe rule against you, then consider allowing people to hold their own believes and opinions, and you hold yours. Then go out and get a real job and pay your taxes like everyone else does.

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