Todays Target Gender Politics

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Why Gender Politics? Why should I discriminate against Gender Politics? Well in my opinion because it is stupid to try to pigeonhole a person into any role just because that is what society as a whole expects in whatever time you happen to live in.

So if we lived 50 years ago and I wanted to stay home and take care of the children instead of go out into the world and get a job; I may have been ostracized. Likewise, today if someone would prefer to work and take care of himself or herself rather than have children, they are looked on as weird or gay.

Gender politics have been used by strong and rich people to oppress poor and weak people since the beginning of civilized society and it has gotten people nowhere closer to understanding each other than any other form of politics.

It is ridiculous in my opinion to say stupid things like, “I am a man, so I must go out and win the bread for the family.” Or “I am a woman, so I must stay home and scrub the skid marks out of my man’s undies and clean up after him.” Just because that is what society or culture says. Forget that noise.

It is ok if you choose to play the role of breadwinner or housewife. As long as you are choosing it for yourself. It is completely bullsquaggle if you are choosing these roles because culture, or society or your mamma or your grandpa is telling you to.

I know that choices are sometimes hard to make and it can take time to decide what roles are right for a person to play. However, please don’t decide what your life can be just because of your gender.  Do you have any ideas on this topic? Please share.



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