Todays Target Partisan Politics

Partisan Politics has to be one of the most ridiculous and sadly entertaining products of our Democratic Capitalist Society.  Watching the advertisements on TV and on Social Media is like some kind of horribly surreal Soap Opera where there are no good guys, just people with no way of communicating their positions on policy or how to solve problems;  but with seemingly endless ways of attacking each other.

To be fair, it is important to note that as the two major Parties struggle to become more cohesive and unified in their seeming disdain for each other, there is one benefit.  According to Pietro Nivola at the Brookings Institute, at least we can find out what to expect from our candidates when the two major parties become more unified and entrenched in their positions.

But the reasons that I am so dissatisfied with this coalescence is that nothing seems to be getting done. Or if it is, it seems as if it is entirely too slow. It seems as if the major problems of our time and within our society are just getting worse, while a bunch of rich and entitled jerkwads keep bickering about what to do about them.

When it becomes time to elect our representatives, many of our elected leaders seem to take a bunch of time off to travel and campaign.  Does this seem like some kind of scam? We are paying these people to travel around and campaign for themselves to get rehired instead of doing what we elected them to do in the first place.

Take for instance gun control.  Is there any rational person in the United States that really thinks that there is not a problem with how firearms are sold and distributed in this country? Is there anyone who does not think that there are entirely too many guns on the streets?

And what of the Affordable Health Care Act? Although for the most part, I lean towards democratic notions of how to provide health care to the citizens of this country, this thing is a complete disaster.

Case in point.  During my last stint as an employed person with benefits and a salary; I signed up for the “minimum coverage” required by the AHCA.  So I end up with a infection and have to go to the emergency room. While I am being treated for the infection and am in the hospital, I am confronted on the second day there with the news that I have no Insurance Coverage.

That I am going to be billed for the entire stay including all testing and antibiotics. I am astounded and decide that as soon as possible I am calling the Insurance Company. I call them, and they confirm that I am not covered for actually getting sick and then being treated. My minimum coverage only covered preventative care.

So although I had the required insurance, I still got bills totaling over $5000.00. And my insurance company who was faithfully collecting premiums, got to deny all the claims made by the Hospital. Is this the result of a partisan political environment where it was necessary to throw the insurance industry a nice sized bone to get them to stop lobbying against a Health Care Plan?

I do not know if that was the case, but I do know that I should have read the fine print on that Policy. Story of my life, I should have read the fine print.  So what about you?  Are you feeling some concerns with the way politics operate in the US? I am interested really.

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