Todays Target Corporate America

I keep hoping I will become comfortably numb to the ridiculous antics of Corporate America.  But is seems as if I need to vent first, then maybe I can put it all behind me. I don’t want to give people the idea that I am against all business and commerce. Because that is not the case. Commerce and Business makes the world go around and provides me with many comforts and conveniences.

For reference sake, it is not love that makes the world go around. It is love that keeps an eye on it all. And occasionally interrupts the world’s progress towards self destruction.

Anyway, why am I discriminating against Corporate America today? Because despite it’s valiant efforts at continuing to take care of me and my family; it is still a tremendously corrupted and sorrowful group of money loving evil doers. OK, to be fair, not everyone who runs a business is a greedy fat cat. But overall, it seems as if many corporate executives, cannot see past a dollar sign. And that lack of vision cause me to feel discriminatory.

To wit:

Lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies and supposed Health Care Companies. These are people who are supposed to be trying to make people’s lives better. There are no less than 72 different active cases against these Companies. These are not allegations only but have been substantiated by the fact that a judge has agreed to hear the case against them.

Class Action Lawsuits against Corporate America.  I could not even start to count how many of these there are, because I do not want to spend the time doing so. Suffice it to say there a a lot. Like a boatload. Like a Cruise Ship Load. Like a Tanker Load.

And numerous self reported insider stories on Corporate Greed   Anyway, I am sure you get the idea. It is time for people to #discriminate against Corporate America along with me. It is OK, really.

Please comment as to your own experiences and join me in being discriminatory. If you dare.


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