Why Discriminating is not bad

Everyone does it. We all formulate opinions about the ideas, attitudes, opinions and choices that people make and hold. It is natural. And then once we formulate our personal opinion, we discriminate. It is part of the neurological process that everyone in a social environment must undertake to prevent information overload.

Although this study involves economic consequence Toward an Understanding of why People Discriminate it is essentially stating that everyone discriminates. Check this:

Social scientists have presented evidence that suggests discrimination is ubiquitous: women, nonwhites, and the elderly have been found to be the target of discriminatory behavior across several labor and product markets. Scholars have been less successful at pinpointing the underlying motives for such discriminatory patterns. We employ a series of field experiments across several market and agent types to examine the nature and extent of discrimination. Our exploration includes examining discrimination based on gender, age, sexual orientation, race, and disability. Using data from more than 3000 individual transactions, we find evidence of discrimination in each market. Interestingly, we find that when the discriminator believes the object of discrimination is controllable, any observed discrimination is motivated by animus. When the object of discrimination is not due to choice, the evidence suggests that statistical discrimination is the underlying reason for the disparate behavior.

So are we going to feel bad because we all discriminate? Are you going to try to avoid having your own opinions about other people’s ideas or attitudes?

I am not going to feel bad about it. In fact, I am going to identify those ideas, attitudes, opinions and choices that I believe need to be discriminated against. In some cases, I may give reasons. But in most, I am thinking it will be obvious why they find themselves #discriminated

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